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Youth Development Initiative Project

The Youth Development Initiative Project (YDIP) provides youth and their families from neighborhoods within close proximity to Northeastern University with tutoring, mentoring, and many other support services to prepare the student for college and successful careers. The YDIP founder Dr. Joseph Warren believed that with the commitment to utilizing the resources that YDIP helps facilitate, both the parent/guardian and student contribute to each other’s success. Thus, YDIP requires parents to take an active role in their students’ education as a participant of the project.

Program Details

Our philosophy

At YDIP, we believe families have the capacity to make progress and improve their socioeconomic status through education. YDIP prepares youth for college by offering extensive educational and social support and facilitating participation from students and parents. YDIP also communicates regularly with teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors at the students’ schools, to solve problems if they arise and ensure that YDIP students succeed.

Students are accepted into YDIP in middle school and remain in the program through high school.

YDIP offers the following services:

  • After-school tutoring
  • Saturday study program
  • Professional development workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Health and wellness guidance
  • Support from teachers, parents, and schools
  • Family financial literacy and budgeting workshops
  • Summer enrichment and employment program

Our services are free to parent and student participants.

Our services

  • Northeastern students tutor YDIP youth Monday through Thursday, 3–8 p.m. and YDIP students have an optional one-on-one tutoring session on Fridays from 3–5 p.m. YDIP staff are on-site to supervise the tutors and students and ensure that the sessions are productive and safe. YDIP students are required to spend at least four hours a week working on schoolwork.

  • YDIP requires students to attend a full-day Saturday program once per month. On Saturdays, the focus is usually on the development various soft skills such as: effective decision-making and how to develop resilience. We also take trips to visit colleges and universities in and outside Boston, attend cultural events on- and off-campus, and go on fun field trips to reward YDIP students for their hard work in the classroom.

  • YDIP requires students and parents to participate in a summer program. The students are expected from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. five days a week for six weeks. The parents are required to attend once per week as a member of our summer book club. Each year, we vote and select a book, read the book together, and dialogue about the book over dinner.

    The program combines career exposure, work experience, and academics. Students attend classes during the second half of the day (after lunch) in subjects such as math, history, and English. YDIP students work as paid summer interns, where they’re placed in a department on campus that aligns with career aspirations. Also, the students participate in recreational activities like swimming, volleyball, and basketball. We provide students with breakfast and lunch.

    For the internships, we place work-eligible students in Northeastern departments that align with their career interests. These sites include the Graduate School of Engineering, School of Nursing, Snell Library, and Curry Student Center.

    Parents are required to attend weekly meetings and read a summer reading book assigned by YDIP staff. Each week, parents discuss the book and how it relates to their students and their own lives. Meetings are held in the evening to accommodate parents’ schedules.

Roles and Positions

Youth and their parents

YDIP expects students to:

  • Give 100% effort on school work inside and outside the classroom
  • Complete at least four hours of after-school tutoring each week
  • Attend the YDIP Saturday program once a month
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Complete required summer reading
  • Aspire to maintain at least at 3.0 GPA

YDIP expects parents to:

  • Attend YDIP workshops and other activities one Saturday per month. These events may include discussions of student progress, workshops on financial literacy, and guidance about effective parenting for academic success.
  • Notify YDIP staff and attend make-up meetings if they can’t attend the Saturday workshops
  • Be involved and engaged in their child’s education at school and at YDIP
  • Attend weekly meetings in the summer and complete required summer reading
  • Communicate often about students’ academic progress or regress, disciplinary issues that occur in or outside the program, and family issues that may affect students’ academic performance

Tutors from Northeastern

YDIP tutors are Northeastern students who assist YDIP students with study skills and other learning strategies for academic success. They work 5–10 hours per week, depending on their availability and program needs. They also take part in monthly professional development sessions to learn skills they can use at YDIP and in future roles.

Tutors are hired at the start of every semester.

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Learn about YDIP roles and positions here.

Students and parents

We are not currently accepting applications for the 2020–2021 academic year.


Please keep on the lookout for open positions via the Student Employment website. We typically post a couple positions at the start of the academic year. If you are interested in being a YDIP tutor or to learn more about YDIP, please email the YDIP Assistant Program Director, Nancy Figueroa, at n.figueroa@northeastern.edu.

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