Our Staff


John Tobin

Vice President, City & Community Engagement

John Tobin is the Vice President of City and Community Engagement (CCE) and has served in this role since 2010. John and his colleagues in CCE interface daily with a broad group of stakeholders. These include the Mayor’s Office and all city departments, local elected officials, neighborhood and merchants associations, nonprofit and community organizations, as well as Northeastern students, faculty, and staff to advance the university’s Institutional Master Plan. John also works with officials and residents surrounding our Dedham, Nahant, Burlington, and Brookline locations. Before coming to Northeastern, John was elected five times as a member of the Boston City Council.

Email: j.tobin@northeastern.edu

Phone: 617.373.5810

The Team

Jorge Dias

Community Engagement and Off-Campus Student Liaison

Email: j.dias@northeastern.edu

Elizabeth Enright

Communications and Community Engagement Manager

Email: e.enright@northeastern.edu

Phone: 617.373.8130

Chimel Idiokitas

Assistant Vice President of Community Relations

Email: c.idiokitas@northeastern.edu

Phone: 617.373.5107

David Isberg

Assistant Vice President

Email: d.isberg@northeastern.edu

Phone: 617.373.8265

Chelsea Lauder

Director of Outreach and Programming

Email: c.lauder@northeastern.edu

Jill Murphy

Assistant to the Vice President

Email: ji.murphy@northeastern.edu

Phone: 617.373.3168

Joe Regan, PhD

Director of Team Strategy and Special Projects

Email: jo.regan@northeastern.edu

Phone: 617.373.7820

City and Community Engagement

Main: (617) 373-7666

Northeastern Crossing: (617) 373-7555

City and Community Engagement

716 Columbus Avenue
Room 190
Roxbury Crossing, MA, 02120

Northeastern Crossing

1175 Tremont Street
Roxbury Crossing, MA, 02120

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