Kate England, Northeastern graduate, named Boston's first Director of Green Infrastructure

August 12, 2022

Northeastern University graduate Kate England is making environmental history as the city of Boston’s first director of green infrastructure.

The appointment announced recently by Boston Mayor Michelle Wu will give England a leading role in building and maintaining ecologically friendly and sustainable approaches to stormwater diversion and to the eradication of urban “heat islands” that are more prevalent in low-income neighborhoods.

“Green infrastructure goes hand in hand with climate resilience,” says England, who graduated from Northeastern in 2008 with majors in political science and international affairs.

The creation of a green infrastructure director for the city of Boston is part of Wu’s commitment to a Green New Deal, according to a press release from the mayor’s office.

“It shows (green infrastructure) is not just a small part of what we do” but an integral part of Boston’s approach to building and maintaining stormwater systems, roads, sidewalks, parks and other urban spaces, England says.

It’s increasingly common for cities to embed green infrastructure personnel in their water and sewer departments, but appointing a green infrastructure director to a key city role “is really unique and special,” she says.

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