Community Volunteers Program Places 50+ Students in Local Organizations for Spring Cycle

Building off the success of the inaugural program cycle, the Community Service & Civic Engagement team continues to pilot and refine its new Community Volunteers Program. During the spring cycle, CVP has placed 57 Northeastern students at one of our program partners to provide consistent volunteer support throughout the semester. The CVP program welcomed its sixth partner organization, Boston Building Resources, further expanding the types of service opportunities offered to students. Through in-person and virtual options, our volunteers are actively engaged in tutoring and mentoring youth, preparing nutritionally appropriate meals for community members with chronic illness, creating digital physical education content for families, and helping manage inventory of home resources to increase the efficiency and value of homes in Boston. A central component of the CVP program includes attendance at one of three program-wide reflection sessions. These reflection events allow students to examine their service through different lenses to cultivate a holistic understanding of community engagement. In our first reflection session, we used an excerpt from Emergent Strategy to think about how we can conceptualize our role as volunteers in community-based organizations.

In this book written by Adrienne Maree Brown, Emergent Strategy shows how humans can influence and curate positive relationships with our continuously evolving world. In our second reflection session, we introduced the Social Change Wheel. This tool helped CVP students consider the wide array of actions required to effect social change, the methods they’ve engaged with in the past, and how the community based organizations we partner with used a variety of methods to affect change in their communities.