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Since 2015, we have provided individuals and groups with complimentary access to a classroom and conference room at Northeastern Crossing, 1175 Tremont Street, Boston. Advance reservations are required for both spaces. Event organizers may only host programming that is free to participants.

Request Event Space

As you might imagine, these free spaces get reserved quickly. We recommend that you submit the online Event Space Request form as early as possible before your event. Our staff responds to these requests on a rolling basis, although we try to reply within two business days. Currently, we are fulfilling reservations up to three months in advance.

The two spaces available are the conference room (capacity: 12 people) and classroom (capacity: 40 people). Both rooms have modular furniture that can be rearranged or removed as necessary. They also have overhead audio/visual equipment that can be connected to laptop computers via HDMI cables.

Please note the following guidelines regarding reservations at Northeastern Crossing:

  • Programming/events must be free to all participants; product sales, ticket sales, fundraisers, and other fee-for-service events are prohibited.
  • Programming/events should be professional in nature. Birthday parties and baby showers, for example, will not be approved.
  • Per Police on Political Campaign - Related Activity, Northeastern
  • students and employees may not host political candidates or post campaign endorsements in the venue.
  • Minors must always be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or teacher. City and Community Engagement staff are not responsible for overseeing minors.
  • All event organizers and participants must adhere to Northeastern University‚Äôs Policy on Equal Opportunity.

Review process

If there any follow up or additional communication is needed, City and Community Engagement will communicate with you regrading next steps.

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If you have additional questions, please email us at