Gallery 360 x Northeastern Crossing

11.16.2023 through 04.06.2024

fluid matters, grounding bodies: decolonizing ecological encounters

Historically, colonial enterprises have violently linked land- and water-scapes with the bodies of women and femmes, queer people, and people of color in order to dehumanize them. This process has left such bodies and communities vulnerable to exploitation, extraction, and land theft. In recent years, artists have found ways to meaningfully appropriate these connections as acts of resistance that articulate new futures and magnify marginalized histories. Refusing the colonial gaze, they are reclaiming the earth as a medium and engaging collaboratively across creative practices to magnify the glaring and inextricably linked stakes of climate and colonialism.

Fluid Matters, Grounded Bodies: Decolonizing Ecological Encounters brings together an international group of artists whose work generates productive conversations about sovereignty, sustainability, gender identity, and labor rights, and paves speculative, reparative pathways toward equitable futures and safe living environments. Presenting the work of Farah Al Qasimi, Beatriz Cortez, micha cárdenas, Tessa Grundon, Joiri Minaya, Ada M. Patterson, Wendy Red Star, and Himali Singh Soin across four thematic sections, the exhibition seeks to imagine possibilities for a decolonial future, shaped by networks of care, kin, and reciprocity.

Fluid Matters, Grounded Bodies is Gallery 360’s first cross-campus exhibition presented in partnership between the Center for the Arts and City & Community Engagement. Additional works as part of the exhibition are on view at Northeastern Crossing, the University’s space for the on-campus and off-campus communities to come together. Visitors are encouraged to continue exploring the exhibition at the Crossing. Use the QR code to learn more.

The exhibition was first presented at The Gallatin Galleries at NYU (July 2022). The presentation at Gallery 360 is organized by the original curatorial team in collaboration with Gallery 360 staff.

Exhibition Dates: November 16, 2023 through April 6, 2024


Farah Al Qasimi

Beatriz Cortez

micha cárdenas

Tessa Grundon

Allison Janae Hamilton

Joiri Minaya

Ada M. Patterson

Wendy Red Star

Himali Singh Soin

Annie Sprinkle

Beth Stephens

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