Our Staff


John Tobin

Vice President, City & Community Engagement

The Team

Carl Barrows

Director, Youth Development Initiative Project

Becca Berkey

Director, Community-Engaged Teaching & Research

Emily Conwell

Program Manager, Massachusetts Promise Fellowship

Daniel Daley

Boston Police Department/Fenway Liaison

Nancy Figueroa

Assistant Director, Youth Development Initiative Project

Michael FitzGerald

Special Event Manager & Community Liaison

Alanna Fusco

Marketing and Communications Manager

David Isberg

Assistant Vice President

Timothy Krumreig

Assistant Director, Community Service Programs

Chelsea Lauder

Program Associate, Community-Engaged Teaching and Research

Marisa Luse

Campus Engagement and Collaborations Manager

Jill Murphy

Assistant to the Vice President

Joseph Regan

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Roe

Director, Team Strategy & Special Projects


Christine Roque

Director, Massachusetts Promise Fellowship

Hilary Sullivan

Director, Community Service & Civic Engagement