Our Staff


John Tobin

Vice President, City & Community Engagement

The Team

Carl Barrows

Director, Youth Development Initiative Project

Becca Berkey

Director, Community-Engaged Teaching & Research

Emily Conwell

Program Manager, Massachusetts Promise Fellowship

Daniel Daley

Boston Police Department/Fenway Liaison

Nancy Figueroa

Assistant Director, Community Partnerships & Impact

Michael FitzGerald

Special Event Manager & Community Liaison

Alanna Fusco

Marketing and Communications Manager

David Isberg

Assistant Vice President

Kerrian Johnson

Jumpstart Site Manager

Timothy Krumreig

Assistant Director, Community Service Programs

Chelsea Lauder

Program Manager, Community-Engaged Teaching and Research

Madison Leverich

Assistant Director, Community-Engaged Teaching & Research

Marisa Luse

Campus Engagement and Collaborations Manager

Lisa Morde

Assistant Director, Civic Engagement Programs

Jill Murphy

Assistant to the Vice President

Joseph Regan

Administrative Assistant

Christine Roque

Director, Massachusetts Promise Fellowship

Hilary Sullivan

Director, Community Service & Civic Engagement