Brand Kit


Attached are our logos in various file formats. When referring to our office, please use these and do NOT use the main Northeastern logo. If you would like clarification on the policy, please email

The CCE logo in Black


What is the best file type to use?

PNG is best for web usage, EPS is best for printing purposes, and JPG is best for sharing on social media.

Can I modify the logo?

You cannot modify the logo.

When should I use the plain black or white logo?

You should use the logo with the red N whenever possible. If the document is black and white, you can use either monotone logo.

Social Links

When possible, link our social media when you post.


Northeastern University City and Community Engagement




City and Community Engagement at Northeastern University




  • Our full title is “The Office of City and Community Engagement”
  • Although we are a part of the University, be sure to distinguish our office whenever possible. This avoids confusion and ensures that the right people are being contacted
  • Our event space is “Northeastern Crossing” and when referring to the space on social media, you should tag the CCE socials